Lacey Chabert Shares Her Maxim-Worthy Diet, Workout Secrets

Lacey Chabert Shares Her Maxim-Worthy Diet, Workout Secrets

Getting to chat with the gorgeously talented Lacey Chabert was quite exciting, and she took the time to talk about her brand new Maxim cover and how she prepared for the revealing shoot.

I actually ran into Lacey a few days before her shoot, and what always amazes me is her complete natural beauty. Lacey is even prettier in person than she is in photos and I never wanted to admit this to her, but I was the biggest Party Of Five fan. I watched her show religiously growing up, and then fell in love with her all over again when she became a pop culture icon in the Mean Girls movie. Lacey, of course, is busier than ever with movie and T roles, but thankfully for every newsstand in america this month, she found some time to shoot for Maxim and become my new body inspiration for the fall! 

KK: Congrats on your beautiful MAXIM cover, you look gorgeous and very sexy! We can imagine that posing in just your beautiful lacy pieces can be nerve-wracking! 

LC: That's so kind of you. Thank you so much! Yes, it was a little nerve-wracking for all of the obvious reasons, but everyone at the magazine was wonderful to collaborate with. It's definitely a little odd to be posing in your underwear in front of folks you only just met, but they made the shoot as fun and easy as possible.

KK: How did you physically prepare for the shoot? 

LC: I tried to kick my workouts up a notch. I ran a lot on the treadmill and did Physique 57 nearly every day for the month prior. I'm a huge fan of the Physique 57 method because it really helps tone in a way running alone just doesn't.

KK: Did you change your eating habits or do any special dieting before the shoot? 

LC: I'm from the South so the love of delicious food is in my blood! But, in preparation for this type of shoot, I stuck to eating lean protein, fruits and vegetables. I know that's a boring answer, but it really is no secret that a clean diet is best. I'm also very realistic about it though and think balance is incredibly important. Life is short so I certainly allow myself to indulge in my favorite treats from time to time. Immediately following the shoot I had the most delicious bowl of pasta and finished it off with a strawberry cupcake from Sprinkles -- my favorite!

KK: How did you mentally prepare for the shoot? I know you had been in Maxim before, what was different about this time? 

LC: I think this time around was different because as I've gotten older older I've become more comfortable in my skin and less apologetic for my flaws. The morning of the shoot one of my best girlfriends texted me, "There's nothing sexier than confidence. Own it." It was great advice.

KK: Women come in all shapes and sizes, what would be your advice to another gal out there who is looking to get a killer bod like yours? 

LC: You're too kind! Thanks. Seriously though, I wish we as women would stop comparing ourselves to one another so harshly. It's wonderful to look to another woman for inspiration, but not to demean yourself. We aren't all supposed to look exactly the same! I'm a petite person and there's nothing I will ever be able to do to change that. Even with my craziest heels I'll never be 5'9. Oh well! Knowing that we are all our own worst critics, I would start by saying, don't be so hard on yourself. Love yourself just as you are. If you want to make changes, you have to do it for you -- not for the approval of anyone else.

KK: What is the one beauty secret you cannot live without? 

LC: Water and sleep!!!! There is no substitute for either.

KK: What is one beauty product you had to have on set for this sexy photo shoot? 

LC: Oooh it's my secret concoction!  I combined Stila Stay All Day Foundation and a few drops of Stila All Over Shimmer to some regular lotion and applied it to my whole body. It's a great way to just even out your skin tone and add a slight shimmer.

If you loved Lacey's Maxim shoot, let her know on twitter @Iamlaceychabert.

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