Eat Up at the Ballpark With Less Guilt

Eat Up at the Ballpark With Less Guilt

When you're trying to stay bikini-fit, trips to the baseball stadium are not exactly the easiest thing to navigate from a nutrition standpoint. The Boys of Summer on the field might be in tip-top shape, but when most of the edible options for fans are gut-bombs, how can you chow down without fattening up?

In honor of the unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day weekend, here are some tips to keep you feeling slim and satisfied while enjoying a trip to the ballpark this summer -- and don't worry, we're not telling you that you can't have a hot dog. That just wouldn't be right:

1. Love condiments on your hot dog? Trade in the ketchup packets for a few squiggles of mustard. Most conventional ketchups contain sugar and corn syrup, which disrupts your metabolism. Also, most mustards have zero calories so it's pretty much a guilt-free topping (although be sure to drink a lot of water to counteract the high sodium content!)

2. Add some sauerkraut to your dog - fermented foods, like sauerkraut (which is fermented cabbage), aids in digestion, so you may find the hot dog rumbling less in your stomach throughout the game with this added topping.

3. Even if you have no religious food restrictions, choose "kosher" over the "regular" dogs. Kosher hot dogs typically have less calories, plus "kosher" ensures that the animal was healthy before it was slaughtered for consumption. Healthier animals = healthier meat = healthier people.

4. Swap those supersized cups of soda or diet soda for some regular, plain old club soda. If you're lucky, you may save a few bucks (fountain club soda is often cheaper than regular soda). Also, ask for some lemon to squeeze into it. Lemon adds a natural sweetness and it is super alkalizing (illness and cancer cannot thrive in alkaline environments), so drink up!

5. Extra credit - pack a bag of Coconut Water Powder. Should your stadium allow outside food/drink, simply mix the powder with liquid (some club soda) and voila -- fizzy coconut water! Coconut Water is super hydrating - perfect to drink during long games in the sun. Plus, coconut water is packed with potassium, which will help your muscles and bones recover if it's a scorcher. (Cross your fingers that you'll be allowed into the stadium with it!)

6. Cracker Jacks vs. Cotton Candy? Both are total tooth decayers (extremely high in sugar and contain corn syrup), but with Cracker Jacks you're at least getting some popcorn and peanuts to fill your tummy as opposed to the cotton candy which is pure sugar and food coloring.

Arielle J Fierman is a Board Certified Health Coach and Owner of She is an expert on healthifying recipes and promoting wellness as a lifestyle. She hosts cleanses, nutrition lectures and cooking classes around New York City. She was most recently featured on NBC- Today in New York.

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