Ten Ways to Lighten Up Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Ten Ways to Lighten Up Your Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

If you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend, there's a way to enjoy the culinary delights of Mexico without going into a goopy cheese-and-sour-cream-and-fried-things food coma. One of the best qualities Mexican cuisine often has is the freshness of the ingredients and brightness of flavors, and generally fresh = healthy. Dig into these recipes that will keep your guests impressed and your stomach from rumbling all night: ¡Buen provecho and enjoy!

•  Instead of ordering in oily nachos made of hard-to-digest yellow corn, make these nachos using brown rice crackers!

•  Instead of eating a quesadilla made with a white flour tortilla, boost your metabolism with this quesadilla made of a sprouted grain wrap!

•  Instead of filling a burrito made with corn or flour, wrap up your beans, cheese and veggies in a collard green! Loaded with fiber and protein and great for your heart, blood and skin.

•  Instead of dipping your guacamole with a chip, serve it with plantain chips - super crunchy, colorful and delicious!

•  Instead of sour cream, top your nachos with some plain (full-fat) greek yogurt. High in protein, just as creamy and contains digestive-enhancing probiotics!

•  Instead of loading up on Potato Skins with Sour Cream, Bacon and Chives, try these Sweet Potato Fries with a Maple-"Bacon" Dipping Sauce! Makes a perfect side dish or and your taste buds (and body) with thank you!

•  Instead of chunky traditional red gazpacho (yes, it's Spanish and not Mexican, but deliciousness trumps authenticity here), try Creamy Kale Gazpacho shots! Healthified with some kale, coconut palm sugar and apple cider vinegar to keep you feeling energized (and light) during all the festivities!

•  Instead of slurping up sugary sangria at your Mexican fiesta, impress your guests with this sweet and hydrating sangria- made just of water and fruit! Also perfect to serve to your kids as an after-school Spring treat!


•  Instead of salting your margarita (or paloma) with table salt, dip the rim into some sea salt or pink himalayan salt. Won't bloat you or make you thirsty and super high in minerals! Check out this Paloma recipe with a "healthy" pink salted rim.

•  Instead of choosing festive Mexican churros to satisfy your sweet tooth, try baking these Cinnamon-Sugar Churros in your oven! So much healthier, really easy and just as tasty!

Arielle J Fierman is a Board Certified Health Coach and Owner of Bewellwitharielle.com. She is an expert on healthifying recipes and promoting wellness as a lifestyle. She hosts cleanses, nutrition lectures and cooking classes around New York City. She was most recently featured on NBC- Today in New York.

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